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Make Your Products Stand Out

One of the most radiant design creations that stands as a testament to brilliant simplicity, is by far the Chair. Yes, the Chair.  By definition a Chair can be regarded as a movable single seat with a back, but the Chair’s impact to this World is immeasurable.  And, to my chair manufacturing friends, to make your products stand out in a crowded space is not an easy task.

From it’s beginnings for the elite rather than an object for ordinary use, the Chair has evolved into an item that transcends social standing, economics, cultures and most of all, time.  Do your Products do the same and do your customers know that?

Today, many companies realize the importance of designing products and services that reflect the simplicity and the wide-ranging capabilities of the Chair.  However, how to make your products stand out usually is the challenge.

Although a firm understanding of the design process is critical to your product, in a new-millennium World, understanding SEO, Social Media and Killer Content is just as critical to your success.  These tools firmly grasp the social attitudes, the interests, motivations, activities, desired experiences, beliefs and values chosen by a person or a group and connect with them seamlessly.

Since inception an organization’s focus is generally centered on creating product value that makes them the #1 Company of their kind in the World.  And, when they consistently leverage new technologies to develop new markets and areas of communication in creating a sustainable eco-system in which products and people co-exist uncompromisingly, they make their products stand out and the World benefits.

At our Atlanta based Digital Marketing and Creative Agency we call this comprehensive approach, SmartBilt and our indispensable goal is to deliver upon the promises and the benefits our Clients wish to make to all people in the name of their brands.  In short, we want the World to know you have great products.

To sum it all up, we believe that it all starts with a uniquely simple idea that can with care, be developed into an end result that will evoke emotions, influence behavior and deliver solid measurable results. So the next time someone invites you to have a seat, do so knowing that the chair you are sitting in found a way to stand out.

5-Tips to Build Your Brand in 2015

It’s a Brave New World out there and with the consistent addition of new technologies, the global business community is going through a transitional period in which we see an over saturation of similar services.

Unfortunately, most companies big or small do not fully understand how to build their brands and the hard truth is that organizations that cannot compete in this arena will be singled out and simply will not survive.

Here’s 5-Tips to Build Your Brand in 2015 and stay ahead of the Curve.

1 – Create strategies to operate in unchartered space.  Sounds simple because it is.  Do what your competitors wont and give your customers something to talk about (free advertising) and something to keep coming back for.

2 – Lower capital expenses by creating  solid, innovative offerings that are scalable to new and existing Clients.  It’s a beautiful thing to be known for what you do Great!

3 – Embrace Technology.  We cannot underscore the importance here.  Simply creating a Facebook account is not a brand make.  Dive deep and fully understand the entire process of how technology can take you to places unseen.  You’ll learn more than you ever imagined and your customers will be glad you did.

4 – Challenge Yourself to Be Better.  One of the easiest things for all brands to do is to get comfortable in success. DON’T!!!  There’s always another RedBox around the corner to your Blockbuster.  Pioneer new ways to create new Strategies and build new Audiences.

5 – Finally, and most important of all – Hire Us!!!  We didn’t become Atlanta’s #1 Digital Marketing and Creative Agency by chance.  We not only enable our Clients to be better informed and more successful, we re-write the script to how 21st Century business is done. Allow our forward thinking expertise to work for you : )